My philosophy as a stylist is simple...don't shoot what doesn't look both relevant and polished. All products / people in my productions must represent the brand to the highest level and the wardrobe and environment, being key to this communication, demand my particular attention...lines, form, flow, contrast, fit, function, accessories, props...must all be just so. I shoot for satisfaction not for the re-toucher... so no crease left un-steamed, no button left crooked, no laces untied, no shoes unpolished, no props out of place. 

Our images represent the brand as well as the team and I....and therefore none of these things must ever fall short...the devil is, after all,  in the details.

To me, art direction is just that - directing the art.

_ I manage pre-production, liaison with the client and photographer to decide on the best creative approach that fits the brief and falls in line with budgetary requirements.
_ I work closely with the team and share ideas to best implement creative…there is no creative project without collaboration and mutual respect.
_ I always keep an eye on the brand, what the creative is designed to ‘say’, what the end product is and…whilst allowing the photographer to create, I keep the shoot on brief.
_ I place huge value on my being able to establish a good rapport with my team and participants. I value diplomacy but am as direct as necessary to achieve end goals.
_ I never underestimate the need to be flexible…. as things rarely go exactly to plan.
With a thorough understanding of the brand (it's ethos and positioning) and the team...I make sure the images I produce and the work I direct, are as beautiful, meaningful and as rich as I can make them. Wherever the creative direction comes from my job is to deliver visual representation that exceeds expectation.

With a thorough understanding of visual brand communication, I am committed to producing relevant, on message, smooth, efficient and fun shoots. While I take care of all the details, I keep a keen eye on the client / photographer’s vision, the concept’s core idea and the brand integrity. As well as managing logistics, returns and settlement of any pro forma invoices...I make sure that my teams are well looked after and that the production runs to time and to budget. I take the headache of production away and give clients the head space to focus on the images being created.

My projects couldn't be delivered without an extensive network of specialists for all positions: photographers, hair & makeup artists, stylists for props and wardrobe, set designers and builders, photo assistants, digital technicians, model makers, electricians, grips, drivers, car technicians, pressers, security personnel and extras.

With my network of casting agents, model agencies and talent representatives, I’ll find the right faces for your they celebrities, A-list models, character actors, athletes or  “real" people...invaluable when it comes to communicating brand position, ethos and value. Having worked on the booking desks I am also more than capable of negotiating crew / talent rates and useage / buy out fees on behalf of client.

Whether it is a particularly complex location agreement, a detailed talent contract or something more unusual – my legal partner Pannone are more than qualified to read the fine print and will always negotiate in our client’s best interest.

Increasingly, stills and moving images are produced at the same time. Whether it is simply for behind the scenes footage, online video content, for short industrial films, or digital platforms. I have specialists who can asses the project’s needs and pull together / direct multiple teams, or provide the necessary support to photographers who also direct. 

I'll give you clear and detailed estimates, working within your budget and sticking to the agreed numbers during production. Once the job is completed, my itemized invoices come with full backup to show you where and how the money has been spent.

With numerous local facilities at my disposal I am happy to handle rental of both studio space and any necessary equipment. If overseas studios are needed they will be sourced during the recce.

With my USA and European partners I am well equipped to undertake location research anywhere in the world. We will negotiate and secure locations whilst making sure all the peripheral aspects, such as clearance, permits, logistics, safety, insurance and property releases are covered. 

Within my network we have partners able to speak English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese and if that’s not the language you’re looking for, no problem. We’ll resource local interpreters... I am sensitive to the values of cultural differences, and how they can affect the quality / delivery of International production.

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